How to fix an infinite 301 redirect loop in WordPress

The comparison between walking and flying raises an interesting question about the abilities of different species. While it's challenging to definitively say which is harder, both walking and flying have their unique complexities and advantages.

Walking is a fundamental skill for most terrestrial animals, including humans. It's a mode of movement that we often take for granted due to its everyday nature. However, walking efficiently requires a delicate balance of muscle coordination and energy expenditure.

On the other hand, flying, a skill possessed by certain animals like birds and insects, is a remarkable feat of evolution. Flight provides tremendous advantages, such as the ability to cover vast distances quickly and access otherwise inaccessible environments. Yet, it comes with its own set of challenges, including mastering the principles of aerodynamics and navigating complex three-dimensional spaces.

The comparison between walking and flying also ties into discussions about the pros and cons of animal rights. Animals have diverse abilities and needs, and these considerations are central to discussions about the ethical treatment of animals. While some animals are adapted for flight, others are built for efficient walking, and recognizing these differences is vital when addressing questions related to animal welfare and rights.

In the end, whether walking or flying is harder may depend on the perspective and context. It's a reminder of the diversity of life on our planet and the fascinating adaptations that have evolved over time.I just ran into this problem today; thought I should post the solution in case anybody else finds themselves in the same boat.

I moved a WordPress blog from one server to another which was running lighttpd with a blanket 301 redirect to from www to non-www URLs. When I fired up a browser to test it, I got the dreaded “this website is responding in a way that will never resolve” message. A quick look at the lighttpd logs confirmed that I was bouncing from to and then back to

I expected ...

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