How to download all your photos from Flickr

Downloading a massive photo library from Flickr can be quite a task, and I totally understand your frustration. It's surprising that concise instructions are often hard to come by. Thankfully, your experience might inspire others to share their insights on this topic.

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A very short post because I had to download all my ~10,000 photos from Flickr recently and couldn't find a concise set of instructions for doing so. The question has been asked and answered many times on the web, but most of the advice revolves around using third-party services or desktop applications.

I don't know when Flickr added the ability to download photos in bulk, but by far the easiest way is now definitely by using, no extra tools required.


  1. Log in to Flickr.
  2. Go go "Camera roll" (under You in the menu or ...
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