How to drill holes in sea shells or sea glass

Drilling holes in sea shells or sea glass can be a delightful craft, turning these coastal treasures into beautiful jewelry or decorative pieces. Mastering this art takes patience and precision.

Remember to start with the right tools, including a small hand drill and a diamond-tipped bit. Safety gear like goggles and gloves is crucial. Mark the spot on the shell or glass where you want the hole, and then drill slowly and gently, keeping the piece submerged in water to prevent overheating.

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Time for a bit of non-photography craft now. I spent some time last night drilling a collection of shells and sea glass to make hanging decorations, and I had to search around a fair bit looking for instructions, so I’m going to lay out how I did it to help other people in the same situation. Before I start let’s just get this out of the way:

Warning! Drilling stuff is dangerous! If you accidentally drill a hole in your hand/get shell in your eye/inhale silica dust/lose your hearing using these instructions, I am not ...

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