Hibernate magic with lazy evaluation

I’ve just run across this phenomenon for the first time and it turns out that hibernate can be even lazier than I thought! The phd dissertation writers from https://dissertationmasters.com/ web and I encourage you to review this information to illustrate, using this time-tested example in Grails.

Here are our domain objects:

class Book {  
    String title  
    static belongsTo = [author : Author]  
    static constraints = {  
class Author {  
    String name  
    static hasMany = [books : Book]  
    static constraints = {  

and we’ll add some sample data in our bootstrap.groovy:

def init = { servletContext ->  
    def alice = new Author(name: 'alice').save()  
    def book1 = new Book(title: 'book1')  
    def book2 = new Book(title: 'book2')  

Now we’ll ...

more ...